I think for my first blog post its appropriate to say that I have an addiction.

I get emails around four times a week about extraordinary deals, sales and exclusive offers from and I fight ever urge to not open them.
Yes, I am addicted to traveling. Hey..they’re much worse addictions. I’ve been to Europe, South America (as I’m Colombian), Central America and of course North America. Since Turkey is on both Europe and Asia, I’m going to say Asia as well.
For the past two years– almost three– I’ve traveled to a lot of places. I managed to travel every three months. But now that I’ve got a very big chapter in my life that’s about to start, I kinda had to cool down with my traveling.
So you can only imagine how I get when I see these amazing deals that I can’t be apart of.
My favorite city: Boston.
I won’t go into detail as I believe that’ll be a future blog post. But everyday I think about going back. I hope to make it my permanent home in less than two years.
Why travel?: I learn more about myself when I travel. I get to learn more about the people we share with beautiful planet with. But most importantly I get to see the wonders on this earth! Let me tell you…its a fine land we live in.
I’d like to propose a question, do you travel? And if so, why? If not…why not? (Economical reasons aside).
Look forward to your responses.
Yours Truly,

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  1. I love to travel, I have been traveling every summer to Europe and several new years to South America. I am from Mexico, but live in the United States. I save up money every year and go abroad in Summer. I love to travel because, I like to taste different types of food, I like to experience different moments by exploring other cultures and their roots.


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