The past couple of weeks have been really hard on finding motivation to work out! Yes I train and have been for the past year or so. But recently I have been putting all of my motivation on school and when it comes to other things…I simply just can’t. But that’s no excuse.

I am not a gym expert or know everything there is to know about training, but I do know that it has been one of the greatest things of my life.
Why do I train? Besides the fact that I want a bigger ass, flat belly and legs of steel, I train because it feels so good! I have never pushed myself as much as I have at the gym. I have managed to understand my limits and know when they can be pushed. Not only that but I have found that my anxiety and stress levels have decreased due to this amazing therapy.
When do I train? I try to train 5 days a week. I lift 3 days and cardio for 2. I have two rest days. However I do live a busy schedule so this changes from time to time.
BUT that’s the catch, people say “I have NO time to work out” FALSE! You have time. You’re just making up excuses. There is this video where Arnold Schwarzenegger lists his 6 rules of success, one of them is to “sleep less!” You only need at least 6hrs of sleep. So get up early and go train! Train your body, give yourself discipline and get yourself into shape. Go for a walk or do at home exercises, bike, run, squat, get your heart and body moving! However if you don’t have motivation, none of this will carry through.
God knows how much I tried to get my friends to come work out with me, but if they’re not motivated, its not a fun experience. I manage to find my motivation through Instagram. I found that following all these girls that can lift heavy and do these incredible things made me want to do the same. But I didn’t have to the proper education and foundation that I needed to move forward. So I asked my friends who train. They taught me proper form and different exercises for certain areas of my body. I’ve learned so much from each person I’ve trained with. I asked questions and was determined to be able to have a fit lifestyle.
When you wake up one day and say “Today I’m going to the gym and I’m going to work out, eat healthy and be fit” is a step in the right direction. But actually going through it is a different situation. It’s a lifestyle. You have to be willing to sacrifice in order to achieve what you want. The best part, it’s all worth it!
I’ve been training for about a year and I’ve seen results. Not the results I want but it’s something to keep me going. I sometimes get mad at myself that I haven’t shown the progress that I want to show but then again I’m a full time student and I work part time. Those are my main priorities. However it’s still no excuse to not go.
I encourage you to ease into it at least. Also, go to the gym. Yes they’re many ways to work out (as mentioned above) but every time I go to the gym, I want to push myself just like I see others pushing themselves. I find my motivation in those who are determined. When I see girls lifting heavy, not only do I get a lady boner, but it encourages me to want to lift heavier. Push myself.
Question: what’s your favorite way to break a sweat?
yours truly,

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