Lately I’ve seen articles of people embracing their bodies through social media and the news. For example: celebrities calling people out for calling them “fat”, or the Facebook page where they welcome people to post pictures of their bodies so they can become comfortable in their own skin. The more I see things like this, the more happy I get because being able to accept your body is so hard.

Let me start off by saying I don’t know how I feel about my body. There are days where I wake up, look in the mirror and say “dayuummm, how you doing?” But then there are days I don’t even want to look in the mirror. It’s not that I hate or dislike my body but…I just don’t feel completely comfortable. I feel I’ve reached that point in my life that I’m comfortable in being naked, but not comfortable enough to want to be naked in front of others.

I am one of those girls that stand in front of the mirror and pull, tuck, squeeze my body. I’d push my boobs out, lift my ass, squeeze my belly fat and so on. Yes I know that’s a lot of detail but I’m sure I’m not the only one. The most important part about doing this is that when you release your hands from all that grabbing, your body goes back to the way it was. That’s important because that’s the body you currently have and you should learn how to love it.

I think that people criticizes media a lot for how they construct the ideal body type and how it should be, but I think it’s mainly psychological. When you see that person you’re interested in liking pics on Instagram of all these hot people, your body confidence tends to go down. You are constructing what your body should look like through the eyes of another person–essentially the media does this as well. But what about your eyes?. How do YOU want to present your body? What does a good body in YOUR own opinion should look like? What do YOU think of your own body? What matters is what YOU think.
I found that by working out I learned to appreciate my body so much more. I learned how much it’s capable off. I can endure. Through this appreciation, I’ve learned to love my body.

I may not have the perfect body, It has flaws; stretch marks, cellulite, dry skin at times, pimples from school stress and pms, broken nails, small boobs, love handles, saggy ass and not white enough teeth…and so on. But I also have a brain that has gone through around 16 years of school, muscles that can lift and run, a mouth that can speak, eyes that can see, legs and arms that are capable of so much, hearing that at times can be bionic. But most importantly my body hosts this very very big heart that is capable of so much love. A love that is one day going to consume the child that my very own body is going to create with the help of the one day to be “love of my life”. Because of this love and the capabilities of being a woman, my body will going through pain that no man will ever go through in order to deliver a child into this world. The thought of all of the things my body is able to do trumps how it looks.

Everyday I am able to do anything and everything I want. If I am capable of anything, why let body imagine ruin my way of thinking. I believe we should be active and healthy. But the way you perceived yourself is also part of living a healthy lifestyle. Accepting your body is part of the process. The days I wake up not feeling the way I look are limited because that was in a time I didn’t know my body well. Now, I see someone who is able to do so much. That being said, it’s still hard to accept but everyday is much easier to do it.

Another thing I’d like to add is how much I really dislike the world “fat”. I don’t consider myself a big person, I’m an average gal that wears a medium, 6-7 size. But regardless of that, I’ve still been called “fat”. I don’t care that this word was said to me, it’s the fact that people think that their opinion on how they view me really matters. Well no, it doesn’t. Like I said above, it doesn’t matter what people think! The first time I was called “fat” was when I just got back from a trip to Colombia for the holidays. For all of you who don’t know… Colombia has the best food ever, so yes I’m going to eat because I barely get the chance to be in my own country. I gained weight, and I do not regret it. Why do I have to change the way that I look so you can agree with my appearance?  Being called “fat” is as if you’re not good enough. But let me tell you, for everything that I ate, I still felt good enough.

Question: what’s your favourite part of your body? –mine are my eyes. I believe the gift of sight is truly beautiful, I’m grateful everyday.
Yours truly,

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