I haven’t posted much lately because I’m still trying to process my new life in Toronto. To be honest it’s been weird and difficult but so far it’s alright.

The next upcoming posts will be a few assignments for a class I’m taking 🙂 hopefully you’ll like them and contribute to the discussion.
My goal in Toronto is to expand my knowledge. Expand my knowledge academically, spiritually, mentally and so on. I think it’s important to be cultured and one of the ways to do that is by trying new things. I no longer want to keep on going to the same restaurant and ordering the same drink and meal. Being a vegetarian is awesome but also hard. In a big city like Toronto they’re more vegetarian options. I went to this one restaurant with a friend two weeks back and I was blown away by the meal! It was delicioso! I also want to be able to expend my beer and wind tastebuds. I had a Newscastle Brown Ale a few weeks back and loved how mild it was. As for wines, I am in love with Baco Noir by Pellee. Its indescribable. My favourite treat while watching some Netflix or just relaxing is the Baco Noir with some dark chocolate (75-85%). Wow these two compliment each other very well!  Hope you’re able to try a few of these. If so, let me know what you think!

Places I recommend so far:

Restaurants: Town Crier Pub & Halfway Beer House

Located: 115 John Street, Toronto.

Penne Chicken Marsala- Penne pasta with chicken, mushrooms and Marsala wine sauce

Beer: Newcastle Brown Ale.

Wine: Baco Noir-Pelee

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