Social Media, the perfect platform to completely humiliate yourself. It is a great platform to get your voice heard and all…but if you don’t know how to do it, IT CAN BE AN EPIC FAILURE! Take American Apparel for example:

In 2014, American Apparel wanted to celebrate Independence Day (July 4th), by posting a picture of “fireworks” on their Tumblr. However…little did they know, they were posting a picture of the Challenger space shuttle explosion and tagged the post as #Smoke and #Clouds.


For those who don’t know about the Challenger Space Craft, in 1986, NASA experienced a dark tragedy. Seconds after launch, the Challenger faced technical difficulties that caused it to explode mid air. The explosion killed all members on broad the space craft.

Of course, now you can image how this post caused an uproar. It caused many to latch out on social media.

aafail  like…really?

So of course, like any company would do at this point is remove the image from Tumblr and issue an apology statement. As American Apparel did accordingly.


But really… this apology does not do it justice. Blaming the fact that you have uneducated staff is ridiculous. I was born after this tragedy happened and I was completely aware of it since I was little. OH, I was also born outside of the country in which it happened.

The mistake in this whole failure is hiring staff that are unaware of global issues and trends. Not even that, but if your staff is unable to recognize that the picture is clearly not fireworks than you have a greater issue at hand. How do you exact to prosper in the industry when your staff aren’t even properly educated. Don’t go hiring a random social media employee with the skills. Managing a social media platform requires an understanding about your community. AND if you work in a company that’s known internationally, THAN YOU BETTER UNDERSTAND THE EVENTS, TRANDS, NEWS AND ISSUES HAPPENING WORLDWIDE! <- yes in caps because it is important.


SO to further conclude this tragedy. I now understand how American Apparel is slowly dying. You expect that an American company would know its American history…. what a shame.

yours truly,


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