I have been in school for practically all of my life. School is all I’ve known. Of course, I’ve worked part-time in other jobs and manage a social life, but school has always been my priority. That is until I finished school.

Just this summer I finished both my undergrad from Western and post-grad from Ryerson. I am truly blessed and happy for both of these experiences. But now it’s time to actually put everything I’ve learned into use. I have to be an adult with real responsibilities. And that actually took me some time to truly process.

The transition from school to the work force for me was and still is hard. Being in a city like Toronto is either the best or the worst for this transition. Yes there are lots of things happening…but most of everything is expensive. And when you’re on the hunt for a new job that may mean you’re on a tight budget. Not only that but the competition rises when trying to find a job and a place to live. Toronto might as well be the hunger games.

The transition can be harder or easier for others, everyone has a different experience. I am so happy and blessed to have an amazing support system, most importantly my parents. Without their unconditional support I really don’t know where my mental state would be. So one key advice I give to you if you’re about to transition or are transitioning, is have a support group. Someone that will be there for when you call them crying about a rejection from that one job you really wanted; or someone that will send you kiss emojis when you’re just not having a good day; or someone to simply tell you everything will be alright. Because it really will be alright.

Finding a job is not easy. It may come easy for some, but most of the time people have to be patient and motivated to continue to be on the hunt. Most importantly believe in yourself. As cliché that may sound, it is true. How can you get a job if you don’t even think you’ll get one. If you don’t believe in yourself than others won’t either.

Nothing really prepares you for this part of life. One thing I have noticed is how many options I have. Options in picking jobs in several industries to work in; or deciding if I want to further expand my education; or the option of going anywhere else in the world. Just because I haven’t been able to land a job doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Like I said it will be alright, there are so many opportunities out there. You just need to go out there and seek them.

Yours truly,


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