On Thursday October 22, 2015 I graduated from Western University.
The feeling of walking up on stage and being acknowledged for all your hard work is truly amazing. Some people don’t see the big deal of attending their convocation; you just wear a gown, walk on stage and receive a piece of paper.

But to’s more than that. Convocation is about honouring your hard work. Honouring those times you’ve stressed about essays, midterms and exams. Honouring long hours of researching and reading. Honouring Tim Hortons coffee for keeping you awake when you truly needed the most. Sometimes it’s good to reward yourself and convocation is just that.

The beauty about convocation is that it’s not just about you. They’re about 300-500+ other graduates who experienced what you’ve experienced. Who have also experienced sacrifice and hardship in order to get their degrees. It’s beautiful to see other people’s work being recognized. As I saw the class of 2015 walk on stage I thought “these people busted their ass and went through just or even more than I have. That means they’re warriors and fighters.”

Convocation is inspiration. I want to be many things in life, I want to be a mom, a wife, my own boss, a leader and someone who inspires others. But most importantly I want to inspire my family and younger cousins. I want to show them that everything is possible when you put your mind into it. I don’t have any siblings so my cousins are what drives me to be the best person I can ever be so they can at least have someone to look up too. I want to be their role model and demonstrate the benefits of education and knowledge. Because THEY are my inspiration.

At the end of the day, walking on stage was a feeling I would never forget in my life. I wish to be able to see my cousins and children walk on stage in the future.

Lastly, I want to thank my parents. They have supported me unconditionally. Their love is a blanket so thick it warms me up just enough to warm others with love. I saw how they went to university and got their degrees, and I wanted to be just like them. Thanks to God and his wonders, I was able to do that. Also, to my wonderful friends. Many times I’ve come to you crying and stressed out, maybe school related or personal; but without your encouragement and friendship, I wouldn’t be the sane person I am now.
So to the class of 2015 and to previous and future classes: CONGRATULATIONS

yours truly,


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