So today’s blog is a little personal than most.

Around this time last year, I was considering the possibility of moving to Toronto. But at the same time, I wasn’t sure about moving there. Why? I had a bad experience a few years back when I was 17. I honestly related that bad experience every time I travelled into the city. So I wasn’t to excited about the idea of me moving.

When I got the acceptance letter to study at Ryerson, I saw an opportunity to change that perspective, granted I was stubborn to change it at first. So, May 1st came and that’s when my big move to the big city happened. I didn’t get the opportunity to really experience Toronto in the summer time as I was doing my intensive PR program. I felt lonely and really unhappy. The feeling of belonging and home was not there.

Once I was done with school, my biggest challenge was finding a career job. I never fully understood the challenges that came with that until I was going through it. I experienced every form of emotion during this process; hope, denial, anger, excitement, sadness, failure, strength, happiness, rejection… the list can go on. I was struggling to find stable hours in the 3 jobs I had (all on minimum wage) to make rent, buy groceries, pay bills and have a social life. So I felt life wasn’t in my favour with all the rejections I was getting.

Another challenge was making friends. I had friends when I moved here, yes, but they were a very small group of them. I found myself spending more time alone than with people and the people that I spent more time with were my co-workers at work. I manage to make one friend that kind of changed things. He told me Toronto, or any city for that manner, will be better depending on the company you surround yourself with. He was obviously right but making that connection of friends was difficult without a common denominator (like meeting friends at school). Gratefully, he become that common denominator.

After one social gathering we went to, I managed to make friends. Let me tell you how much of a difference that made. We (humans) are social beings, and I am a very social and friendly person. I finally felt I could be myself again with this group of people, feel comfortable. Remember, I wasn’t feeling comfortable or the sense that I belonged in the first place for a while and these people helped me feel that. Or it may be the fact that they’re just super welcoming and amazing people but it helped a lot. Also, my one co-worker became someone special to me. She helped me find the beauty Toronto has to offer through our Sam & Nunu Adventures all while cracking jokes and venting my frustrations of life. Oh and my Toronto parents gave me such great support!

At this point, I was okay with being alone and doing things alone. But there’s only so much happiness that can rise out of that. So my attitude for life changed a bit after these guys came along. It’s silly to think how people can have an impact on you. But it really did. Once I felt comfortable with them, I felt better and encouraged to finding my career job and making a life of my own here.

I’m a big believer of what happens in life, happens for a reason. I’m so thankful that after a long struggle of finding a job, I finally found one. I get to learn amazing things and contribute to such awesome clients in a way I never thought I would.

Out of all of this I learned one thing, you need to go through struggle (working hard, hustling, pain, tears) to appreciate the good when it comes (or in general just appreciate the good). When I had little friends, I appreciated the time alone. But now I value the friendships that I have. When I was hustling with my three jobs, I now appreciate the value of work and my new job. Struggle humbles you.

I am finally in a state where I am happy. I feel that anything is achievable when you put hard work, dedication, determination and passion into it. If you want something, go for it.

Views from Centre Island

I didn’t necessarily become happy because I met new people or found a new job, but it was through being able to see who I was in different situations. Through these experiences, I was able to grow and see myself in a whole new perspective. I believe the places and people that allow you to do this are special. This is why Toronto is now home. This is something I never thought I would say.

Yours truly,


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