Today, I was on Facebook, scrolling a way and seeing everyone’s posts, tags and likes. Until I got bored and I decided to look at the trending section on the right hand side of the page. I sometimes find myself seeing very interesting things and news trending. I’ve found this a pretty good way of keeping up with trends.

One out of the three things trending at that moment was The Boston Globe. When I usually don’t understand why something is trending, I click on the link and see if it’s remotely interesting… Well this was. Reason why I am writing this blog. In my opinion, The Boston Globe did something that demonstrates the amount of power the press has.


In short, they did an opinion feature (and video) demonstrating how news headlines would look like if Donald Trump were to win the 2017 American presidency. For a second I thought this was a way of showing the public that the Globe was in favour of the democrats. But then I realized how they seemed to be concern for the general public if this man were to become president.

In my opinion, this campaign idea or whatever it is… is truly genius. It allows the Globe to gain public trust. It also allows the public to believe that the Globe reports facts, reports news, reports things that concern the people or least should be concerning them. Which is honestly great. AND they may even be genuine about it.

Why did I say that this piece shows the amount of power the press has? Because it’s able to shift people’s minds. Yes it’s informing them… but it’s the way the press informs the public. If the Boston Globe had a democratic agenda, this obviously works in their favour. They’re sending out a call to action for the Republican party but they’re also making them look really bad: “Hello, how can you’re party have two horrible people representing you!”

The Boston Globe knows exactly what they’re doing. I honestly don’t want Trump to win, so I am in favour of this campaign (or whatever it is). But again imagine, if this is what they’re able to do IF Trump were to be elected…imagine the amount of articles and features they’ve done to sway and shift people’s opinions about current and past issues! It’s the way things are framed that matter.

The press is a very unique and powerful tool for people who know how to use it. These people are not only good with words, but are also good when they need to get what they want in order to achieve what is best for the “greater” good. The only question becomes, are YOU part of this greater good? Do they REALLY have our best interests? and the really important question is WHO are they really?

That is why it is very important to be media literateEvaluate, analyze, discuss and critic what you read and hear what’s in the news. That way you are more informed and will have less of a pull from their manipulation. OR least if you agree, feel confident in what you are agreeing to.

Anyways, food for thought.



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