So on October 20th, 2016, the last and final presidential debate aired. I don’t necessarily want to talk about the actual debate because if you follow me on twitter you’d know how angry I was about the overall thing. But really…who wasn’t?

I want to highlight this moment though: 020

As Hillary is talking and making her point, this clown calls her a “nasty woman”.

REALLY? After stating that “there’s nobody that has more respect for women than [he does]” REALLY? LOL. Literally laughing out loud.

BUT this clown is not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is what a Clinton supporter and her campaign did next.


Yes! If you type in you will get redirected to They bought this domain and it goes right through… genius.

THAT ladies and gentleman is an excellent way to embrace a shitty situation and spin it around to your favour! This is such a big win for Hillary’s PR because this shows how her campaign pays attention to what people like. Granted… I do not know much about her and the whole political side of things. I am a Canadian simply looking in. I don’t by any means support either and all candidates [my heart is with Bernie… moment of silence for Bernie please. . . . . . . . . ].

This is PR gain because of how she just embraced it. She owned it. She got something that was supposed to bring her down and rather used it to put her up. That is how PR works.

I would also like to add another point to how Hillary’s campaign knows their audience. If you go to this tool her campaign created, you can randomly shuffle through and compare what Clinton and clown face were doing at that specific time. This is to answer those who question her experience for the actual job.



Anyways, I thought I’d share this because it’s interesting to see other tactics of PR. I don’t really like giving free publicity to things like this. The reason why I’ve called clown face, clown face, is because he isn’t worthy of SEO tips and all that stuff.

If you’ve spotted some very cool and interesting political campaign PR tactics from ANY country, please share. It’d be very interesting to see these tactics and compare them.

Yours truly,



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