I want to talk about this very interesting story of events that has come out of the Dakota Access Pipeline. I don’t necessarily want to talk about the politics behind the pipeline and on whether it should be built or not because that’s another topic itself. I want to talk about Amy Goodman.

For about 3 years now I’ve known about Democracy Now!, a non-profit news network that doesn’t accept any funds that come from advertising or government agencies. I personally believe this network is genuinely unbiased. I believe that since they don’t profit from anyone other than the general public through donations, they produce content that isn’t in favour of any network. They run stories and news for the purpose of informing the public without any influences.

Amy Goodman was at the Dakota Access Pipeline reporting on the horrible situation that is happening to Native American’s land there. Not many major news networks have reported on this tragic event but instead have reported on Hillary, Trump, and the forsaken election. Goodman was doing her job as a journalist. She was doing her duty as a professional in the field to give the information the public needs and deserves. But… she was charged. The reason for the charge, rioting.

This is a slap in the face for journalism and the freedom of the press. There are MANY news outlets out there that maybe should be banned from broadcasting some bullshit news… but Democracy Now! is not one of them. However, when a journalist is out in the field of action asking serious questions about how protesters were treated and interviewing people with opinions, THAT IS THEIR RIGHT AS HUMAN BEINGS. Not even the freedom of the press! We have a right as people to know what is happening and why things are happening! Especially when it affects a visible minority in the USA.

I bet if Anderson Cooper was down there with CNN two things would’ve happened.

  1. He wouldn’t have been charged with rioting because he was simply doing his job.
  2. The news report itself would’ve been biased or interpreted differently because I’m pretty sure (however don’t quote me on this) the people who have invested in the pipeline could have some VERY strong ties to Turner Broadcasting System, Inc (one of the biggest American media conglomerates who owns CNN).


Video credit to Democracy Now YouTube page.

I ask you to please look at this video and judge for yourself. If anything the people who should have been charged is the security there, for mistreating people and animals! I understand that the protesters did get out of control, however, when you destroy their lands, attack viciously and think it’s okay to deal like this in this situation… then no your force isn’t justified.

Goodman did an incredible job in telling this story when no one else was. Her charges were dropped yesterday. However, many journalists are constantly being silenced for reporting very crucial news and stories. But since it doesn’t go with the big bosses agenda, most stories are shredded.

Media literacy is very important, I’ve talked about this before in my Press and Home blog, but this recent event just takes it home.

What are your thoughts about Goodman? Do you think her charges are justified or ridiculous?

Let me know your thoughts. I’m sure we’ll see this sometime in the near future.

Yours truly,


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