Today on Facebook, I was scrolling through my feed when I came across this video. This video was pretty much showing “ugly women” going through a make-up transformation. The caption around the video reads “There is no such thing as ugly women, just poorly groomed women” (groomed can be inteepreted in other ways but it’s the essence of it).

I can’t help but find this offensive. So basically, in order to not be consider ugly is to “fix yourself up”… really?

It’s because of these expectations that women shy away and cover up their flaws. Why sometimes women don’t step outside of their homes without a bit of makeup. These perceptions of beauty disgust me. And I just love how at the end of the video, they say “The power of makeup transforms”… yeah it does, but why should they be considered ugly to begin with? Why are we encouraging women to hide themselves from the most natural process of life, aging!

This whole video helps construct so much negativity around beauty and aging. As if aging was a bad thing. We will all go through this process. It’s hard on people to accept the process to begin with and now this video just goes out there to reinfornce the idea that aging is a disturbing thing so cover your face up with make-up… just horrible.

I’m not saying that make-up is a bad thing. I think make-up is a beautiful way of art and a way of self-expression. But what I think is important is that make-up shouldn’t be the source of where you get self-confidence. Accepting your true beauty is the hardest thing for some and it’s important to be able to embrace it. But not through make-up.

This is one of the reasons why I absolutely LOVE Alicia Key’s No Make-up stance. I think that being able to appear as yourself in an industry like the entertainment/music is very bold. The spotlight is a very critical one. Tabloids would rip apart young celebrities (and all other celebs as well) because they have pimples or whatever it may be. And because of these preceptions, it’s ONE (not all) of the reasons why people go to cover it up.

I struggle so much with acne. No, not as bad as others, but I break out. I look at myself in the mirror and just feel so blah about what I see because of this thing I can’t control no matter what skin care I use. But I step out of my house make-up free to work regardless because there is nothing to hide from. I do wear make-up, yes, but I do it because I want to look a certain way when I do so. But it’s not me hiding my face. It’s just me wanting to do something different.

Being make-up free is liberating. I have nothing to hide. I rather enjoy the idea that if I rob my eyes I dont have to worry about my eye make-up coming off. Or when I meet someone, I’m not worried about them not liking me when I have no make-up. I’ve accepted that I have flaws and I rather not cover it up because society thinks it’s ugly.

There is no such thing as someone being psychically ugly. The only ugly that exists is from the inside due to all the poisonous information they allow themselves to believe.

I ask you though, what makes it hard to go make-up free? For me, I don’t want others thinking that I don’t take care of myself if I don’t appear flawless. But the truth is, I eat well, I workout, I socialize, I have alone time, I clean, I sleep, I do whatever it is that I consider taking care of myself. It’s just learning to accept yourself, and letting go about what others think.

What’s your story?

Your truly,



make-up free nunu ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

note: I don’t know the owner of the video, but I linked where I found it above.


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