My 23rd birthday was this past week. I have learned so much over the past years, I would like to share 23 things I’ve learned either about me or life in general.

I’ve learned…

  1. So much about living by myself. Like the importances of keeping your house clean and cooking. How turning off the light really does make a difference when that energy bill comes by.
  2. That coconut butter melts above 24c! I got this huge tub of coconut butter and then it slowly started to liquefy. Now that it’s around 22c in my apartment, it’s back to normal. Very interesting.
  3. That the Billy Bishop airport offers complimentary snacks! And Porter Airlines offers complimentary alcoholic beverages!
  4. Singularity theory fascinates me and yet scares me all at the same time.
  5. That I have a huge interest and love for wine! I want to learn more about wine and how to properly distinguish different types of wines.
  6. More about WordPress because of work. I thought that because I had a blog on WordPress I’d know but… when you work at a digital agency and develop websites, you learn WordPress.
  7. I am a strategic thinker. Thanks to my job and being in the position that I’m in, coordinating, planning and analyzing things is some of my key skills.
  8. Not to give up. At the beginning of the year, I was working three jobs, in a shitty apartment, and lonely as fuck. But now… I have an amazing career full-time job, my own bachelor apartment, and engaged. Whatever I put my mind too I know I can accomplish.
  9. Traveling with a carry-on is a much better option that checking in your bag. It does limit how much clothing you can pack, but the fact that you don’t have to worry about if your luggage made it on the plane or make sure to get it once it comes out. It’s so much of a hassle.
  10. Bring toilet paper to raves and house parties. You will NEVER know when you’ll need it.
  11. Nude beaches are the best beaches ever because I can tan my boobs. Yay to no tan lines!
  12. I am passionate about climate change. I definitely want to be more involved next year.
  13. That shopper drug market offers produce! Least some. Especially the one that’s right below my apartment.
  14. Nair hair removal is the best thing ever. I hate shaving. So this cream is awesome because it’s so painless! (no I wasn’t paid to say this).
  15.  If you have a tea kettle, boil your water there before cooking your pasta!
  16. If you have a budget planned out, stay on budget. What’s the point of making a budget if you can’t follow it.
  17. Cigars taste best if you don’t cut the whole tip off the part you smoke out off. Depending on the cigar of course, but it’s best to make a whole rather than cutting the tip off.
  18. Friendship is a beautiful thing. I moved to Toronto and has little friends here, but wow has the changed. I have a group of friends that are extremely caring and loving. I managed to befriend a beautiful human that never fails to make me laugh. I managed to keep those friends I’ve had for years to still be in my life. I’m blessed with lots of friends!
  19. How hard being an adult is. Living by yourself and accepting all of the responsibilities that come with being an adult is a wonderful challenge.
  20. to use my dishwasher as a drying rack. I think that using your dishwasher wastes a lot of energy and since it’s just me in the place, I’ve put it to good use.
  21. Milo pancakes are the best breakfast food ever! If you take Milo chocolate mix and add it to the pancake mix batch, you’ll be very happy with the outcome!
  22. Friends really is the best show there is that I can never get tired of watching.
  23. That coming up with 23 things is very hard and I thought it would’ve been way easier to do this blog… but NOPE!


Yours truly,


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