Here we go, the time of year has begun where people start saying, “I am so over 2016”, “It was the worst year ever”, “2017 is going to be way better” blah blah blah. People are so quick to dismiss a whole year thinking that it has NO influences in the next.

I saw this picture on Instagram, and I’d like to share my thoughts on this:


Basically, to me, this image suggests that you can step in the new year without any negativity, any fake friends, hate, heartbreak and only carry love, God, focus, and change to the new year. I understand that a new year gives people the opportunity to do new things and gain a new perspective than what you had last year but dismissing everything “bad” from the previous year isn’t doing justice to yourself.

I believe that in order to be a strong person, you need to accept that there will be negativity in life, there will be heartbreak and hate. Once you’ve accepted that these things do exist, you will have a better grip on their impact in your life. Suddenly, the things you think you had no control over, you have control over them. However, you don’t have control when or where they will come, but you control how they affect you.

It doesn’t matter if this year was horrible or not. What matters is what’s going to be different in 2017 from 2016? What changes are you doing to make it better? You can’t say avoid negativity and self-improve, that’s just redundant. I believe an important step in life is accepting that there is shit that you will experience and what matters is how you face these challenges. How you rise above is what matters most, not the fact that it happened.

Another key thing about acceptance is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a very hard thing to do. Because not only do you think about yourself but you’re also thinking about someone that has potentially harmed you. But how can you move forward when there’s this weight bringing you down? Through forgiveness and acceptances you can accomplish a lot. Maybe not physically, but mentally… it can change you.

So as you move into the new year, don’t think that no bad will come by avoiding it. Bad will come in all shapes and sizes. Push through and think of the good that has come before and after it, because it’s in those moments that defines who you are.

This past year has been one hell of a year for me. A year where I’ve experienced all emotions in the spectrum. 2016 has shown me my lowest point and allowed me to grow from it. I like to consider myself a strong person not only because I’ve accepted everything in my life, but because I’ve managed to gain people that love me in this life.

Through all of the worst moments in my life, I’ve been blessed to have people that care about me. People that worried for me and people that brought joy. These are the people that make life 10x better and make it worth living another day. My heart is constantly giving and receiving love because I see how happy it makes others and myself.

I am fortunate to have these opportunities in my life. I am not here to brag but to encourage. Encourage you that life is worth living in a positive light. Life doesn’t end when you stop feeling. Life is still spinning. Why not spin with it?

Move forward into the new year with lots of love and happiness. Be open to the possibilities this life can give you. Don’t give up or settle. Move forward knowing there will be moments you can’t face, moments you will cry and dislike. But know that these are the moments that make you human.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year my friends!




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