If you’ve been around me for the past month or follow me on social media… you may know my fitness motivation is in full gear.

When I first moved to Toronto, in the summer of 2015, I lost all motivation to hit the gym. It was a challenge to wake up, workout and go do three jobs. It was tough trying to fit a workout after overworking myself. I believed I was eating alright… and I still do but let’s be real working out is not that only thing that will make you look good. I gained a good 25lbs!

But after a slow start to the game… I AM BACK! I am back in full force. I told myself at the beginning of this year that I was going to challenge my body and myself as much as possible. Thankfully, I have.

My year started off with a bang when I was gifted a FitBit and 20 classes to kickboxing at Studio KO. From there I knew exactly how many steps I was taking, how many kilometres I was doing and how much sleep I was having. FitBit allowed me to gain all this information. I became competitive! My co-worker would invite me to the weekly challenge, and when I saw someone stepping more than me, I would get up from my bed or desk and start making those steps just to be on top.

But what got my actual fitness into a good kickstart was kickboxing. I went into my first class thinking it was easy; I came out dead. Just 3 mins into the warm up I was dying.. and to know there was 42mins left, I was freaking out. I came home after that workout and sat in my tub as the cold water hit me. I knew I had to step up my game because I was OUT OF SHAPE!

So I hit the gym as much as possible, whether it was 3 days a week or the 5 days. I was alternating days; one-day legs, the next cardio, kickboxing, chest and then the last day I would do back. I would try my best just to make it to the gym, even if it was for a 30-40 min cardio session. As long as I made it to the gym, my main goal was complete.

As I was progressing in my grind, I came across SoulCycle. I’ve never joined a spin class and knew this was a challenge I wanted to take on. So I went in, got a flyer with class info, went into work and convinced 7 coworkers to join me on this cult-like experience. I didn’t know what to expect. When the time came to sit and clip onto the bike, I knew this was going to be one hell of an experience. The music was pumping and so were my legs as the music kept feeding into my ears. Adding and subtracting the resistances on my bike, my quads were on fire, but I was doing good. I came out of that class feeling so alive compared to how I felt in my first class at kickboxing.


Now, I took on another challenge. CrossFit.

After watching the CrossFit Game’s Fittest on Earth 2015 on Netflix, a spark of interest crept in me. But after all that I’ve heard about injuries and how intense it was, I was scared to try it out. I followed the Dottirs (Sigmundsdóttir, Davíðsdóttir and Þórisdóttir) and saw their daily fit grind on social media. I thought to myself… fuck I wanna be able to do that!

SO I got to the internet and started researching what the hell CrossFit really was. I got into it real quick. I started searching nearby gyms and how I can train there. Today, I went to Academy of Lions and had my first CrossFit training. It was entree level and perfect to get the gist of how it works. We did a quick jump rope warm up, then deadlifts 5×5, to doing AMRAP of 5 ring pull ups, 10 step ups or jump squats, 15 kettle swings in 10 mins. I was.. and am so fucking proud of myself that I was able to do 9 reps in 10 mins lapping those who were training with me.

I was able to not die and get through this workout simply because I’ve been training for it. I wouldn’t have gotten to the point I am today if it wasn’t for how kickboxing kicked my ass. For challenging myself and picking up the slack. I have trained my body to overcome certain challenges. But that doesn’t mean I am the fittest on earth or rather the fittest person at the gym, NO. I am just training to be better for tomorrow’s challenge and I believe that’s what CrossFit is all about.

I was looking for something to challenge me each time and I was scared to go to the one source I knew would do that. I am so glad I finally did.

I do not think I look fit. I think I am far from it. But at this point, the goal is just to keep doing me, to challenge myself, to lift heavier and last as long as possible. I would love to look great but right now feeling great is number one and I am so happy to say that I am there.

This is why I created the Instagram. I want to fuel, inspire and motivate the fit grind, mostly mine. I want to share my journey because it’s not an easy one. I will be posting progress, motivation, workouts, challenges, inspirations… whatever it is related to fitness. That also means how to better yourself mentally not only physically. This IG is not for the likes and follows. I will be real, no filters. I will show the most vulnerable parts of me out on this IG because the grind is real and know that you’re not the only one struggling.

Join me on my journey. Fitness is a lifestyle. DO YOU BOOBOO!




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  1. Yay for getting your fitness motivation on! I’ve just started kicking back into the health and fitness mindset as well! I really want to visit Soulcycle one day!


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