Natalia Ortiz

After graduating with a B.A in Media, Information and Technoculture at The University of Western Ontario in 2015, Natalia decided to pursue a career in Public Relations. Natalia completed her certificate in Public Relations from an intensive program offered at Ryerson University.

Natalia is very interested in how media, communication forms and public relations affect the development of culture and psychological behaviours. Having been the media representative of Climate Action Business Association in Boston, the social media and public relations representative for HAI-HA Jewelry, research assistant to market researchers and project coordinator at Art & Science, has allowed her to see some of these developments.

She has a profound passion for travelling and meeting new people. Natalia’s personal goal is to be able to lift her own weight, travel the world, go scuba diving (facing her fear of fish), pay off all of her student debt, and run her own business one day.

This blog is for me to discuss several topics in today’s media or in general culture and provide an analytical view or perspective. I have thoughts about certain things, and this is my space to say what I wish.

Fun fact: nunu was a nickname given by a childhood romantic.

natalia ortiz




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  1. Hii! Awesome website !!:) I can’t wait to start seeing all of your blogs and posts 🙂 love you!


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