Blog Policy and Guidelines

I have created this blog to voice my opinions on certain social and pop culture topics. I will refer and give credit to any work that is mentioned in any possible degree. I want to keep this as true to myself and my own opinions as far as to what I’ve managed to learn. Blog posts posted being October 2016- December 2016 have been written for the Digital Strategy & Communication Management program offered at the University of Toronto.

Please keep the following in mind as you read and comment on certain posts:

  1. Principles of integrity, professionalism, privacy and impartiality should be observed by writers when posting online.
  2. Some subjects can invite a flame war. Be careful discussing things where emotions run high (e.g. politics and religion) and show respect for others’ opinions.
  3. Comments are monitored; dishonorable content such as racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, and physical disability slurs are not tolerated.
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