Art & Science is a digital agency located in downtown Toronto. The agency does work around digital, experience and design, bringing in a vast variety of clients. At Art & Science, Natalia is a Project Coordinator. This position allows her to deep her toes in a lot of things such as administrative work, web content, social media, internal communications, assisting project managers, client relations, learning the ropes of project managing and lots more.

Facebook: Art & Science Digital Experience Design Twitter: @ArtScienceTO LinkedIn: Art & Science


Natalia peeked an interest in market research after learning research methods in her PR course and obtaining a job at Consumer Vision. Through her dedication and thirst for learning, she decided to do independent assistant work for market researchers. Through this experience, she was able to gain skills and knowledge of quantitative research.



During the time Natalia was completing her certificate program in Public Relations at Ryerson University in Toronto, she was the Social Media and Public Relations Representative for HAI-HA. The brand HAI-HA was launched in August 2014 by Owner and Designer Hai Ha Nguyen. The unique and detailed jewellery can be purchased in stores such as Jordan Stewart London, The Store on Queen and Look of the Day. But of course, the accessories can also be purchased online at

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On October 2014, Natalia had the opportunity to be published in the Boston Massachusetts Edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine. Thanks to her experience at CABA, she was able to apply the knowledge she learned from her internship and concluded the importance of the use of social media as a business tool to help fight the climate crisis.

Read article here.


In the summer of 2014, Natalia decided to branch off and do an internship outside of Canada. Considering she has friends in Boston, MA, she decided to take advantage of the summer by pursuing an internship at a climate change organization. She believed that by extending her knowledge of media and communication forms in an area that she has no expertise in would be beneficial for her future. The association not only has widened her perspective of climate change but encouraged her to use social media and media in general in a positive light.

Climate Action Business Association (CABA) mission is to solve the climate crisis by organizing local small business leaders to be more effective advocates for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Facebook: CABAUS Twitter: @cabaus Linkedin: CABA US




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